Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the celebrity couple, have recently made headlines as they are reportedly selling art from their $60 million mansion amidst swirling divorce rumors. The A-list stars have allegedly put some of the art pieces that adorned the walls of their shared California estate up for sale, adding fuel to speculations about the state of their marriage.

According to a source, collectors and interested buyers have purchased “art and some pieces” that were newly on sale from the couple’s mansion in early June. This move comes shortly after rumors surfaced that Lopez and Affleck were in the process of dividing their assets in preparation for a possible divorce.

Reports suggest that the couple has listed their $60 million mansion for sale, signaling a potential split. An insider shared that while Ben and J.Lo have not made any public statements about their relationship status, they have been dividing up their assets, including jewelry, cars, and properties. The mansion, which was once considered their dream home, has now become a source of unpleasant memories for the couple.

Amidst the divorce rumors, Ben Affleck has been reportedly staying at a rental property on his own while Jennifer Lopez remains in their listed mansion. Another source revealed that Affleck had moved all his belongings out of their shared estate and into the rental property, indicating a possible separation between the couple.

Despite the speculation surrounding their marriage, neither Lopez nor Affleck has addressed the rumors or provided any clarification on the status of their relationship. The couple, who tied the knot in July 2022, have been keeping a low profile amidst the swirling divorce rumors.

As the news of Lopez and Affleck selling art from their home continues to make headlines, fans are eagerly awaiting any updates on the couple’s relationship status. Stay tuned for more developments on this story as it unfolds.