Jeremy Clarkson, known for his show “Clarkson’s Farm,” is venturing into the pub business by purchasing The Windmill in Burford. He plans to revamp the pub and feature the process on the upcoming season of his show. With a desire to use local produce and simplify pub signs, Clarkson is joining the ranks of other celebrities turned pub landlords.

Candice Brown, the 2016 winner of “Great British Bake Off,” described her experience as a pub owner at The Green Man in Eversholt as a challenge. Despite facing difficulties during the pandemic and personal setbacks, Candice still owns the pub and continues to provide a welcoming atmosphere for patrons.

James Blunt, the singer behind hits like “You’re Beautiful,” fulfilled a dream by purchasing The Fox and Pheasant in Chelsea. Describing it as the best thing he’s ever done, Blunt has created a cozy space for locals to enjoy. His pub has received positive reviews for its ambiance, though some customers have criticized the staff’s manners.

Idris Elba, known for his roles in “Luther” and other films, opened Porte Noir in King’s Cross, aiming to create a luxurious yet inviting atmosphere. While the bar has received praise for its ambiance, some customers have noted issues with the service quality.

Sir Ian McKellen, famous for his role in “Lord of the Rings,” owns The Grapes in Limehouse and is often seen mingling with customers. Despite some negative reviews regarding cleanliness, the pub has been praised for its nostalgic feel and welcoming environment.

Cricketer Stuart Broad faced challenges when The Tap and Run, his pub near Melton Mowbray, caught fire, requiring a significant renovation. Despite setbacks, Broad remains determined to expand his pub ownership and foster a strong organizational culture.

Jodie Kidd, a former model, saved The Half Moon in Kirdford from potential closure and transformed it into a trendy gastropub. While the pub has received positive feedback for its welcoming atmosphere, some customers have criticized its pricing and pretentiousness.

Rick Astley, known for his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” opened Mikkeller in Shoreditch with a focus on quality beer. His establishment has earned praise for its decor and staff, although some customers have expressed disappointment with drink availability.

Each of these celebrities has brought their unique touch to the pub industry, creating spaces that reflect their personalities and passions. Despite facing challenges along the way, they continue to provide patrons with memorable experiences and a welcoming environment to enjoy.