Polls have opened across the UK in today’s general election and celebrities are making sure everyone knows they have cast their votes. From 7am until 10pm, millions of Britons will head to polling stations to cast their vote in the first Westminster contest since 2019.

The stars are among them as Lizzie Cundy, Myleene Klass, Ashley James, Piers Morgan, Tony Robinson, Charles Dance, and others took part in the voting process. Socialite Lizzie, 56, turned her local polling station into her catwalk as she posed in a stylish blue dress and shades outside the station. She shared her experience on social media, expressing her enthusiasm for voting.

Presenter and singer Myleene, 49, also shared a snap of herself heading to vote with her passport, encouraging her followers to make a difference for themselves and their children. Tony Robinson, 77, danced his way to the polling station, singing a tune in excitement, while journalist Piers Morgan, 59, emphasized the importance of voting in his social media post.

Actor Charles Dance, 77, and former Made In Chelsea star Ashley James also participated in the voting, urging their followers to vote for change. The Traitors star Charlotte Chilton highlighted the significance of every vote towards positive change.

A series of opinion polls leading up to the election indicated Labour’s lead for a significant win. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigned against a potential Labour victory, warning about higher taxes and other financial implications. The Tory leader continued to rally against a Labour “socialist supermajority” up until the polls opened.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty were spotted voting early in Yorkshire, while Sir Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria cast their votes in London. Many other celebrities, including EastEnders’ Michelle Collins, model Daisy Lowe, Brian May, Megan McKenna, and Sam Taylor-Johnson with her husband Aaron, also exercised their right to vote.

A final poll by Ipsos published today showed Labour maintaining a strong lead over the Tories, with other parties like Reform UK, Liberal Democrats, and Greens also in the mix. The survey indicated a shift in voter preferences, setting the stage for an interesting election outcome.

As the polling continues throughout the day, the influence of celebrities and public figures in encouraging people to vote and participate in the democratic process remains evident. Their advocacy for voting and bringing about positive change resonates with many voters as they head to the polling stations to have their voices heard.