Busta Rhymes wasn’t happy with the audience at Essence Festival during his performance. The rapper, 52, got upset because people were on their phones instead of engaging with the show. He cursed at the crowd and told them to put their phones down and interact like humans. Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr., even called out individuals in the audience and demanded that they stand up during his act.

In a video of the performance, Busta Rhymes can be seen passionately expressing his frustration with the seated audience members. He mentioned that in his 33 years of performing, he’s not used to people sitting down at his shows and he doesn’t tolerate that kind of energy. The rapper wanted everyone, regardless of age, to get up and participate in the performance.

Busta Rhymes explained that he had “zero tolerance for bulls—t energy” because it was his first time performing at the Essence Festival for its 30th anniversary. He wanted the audience to make him feel welcome and at home. Despite the mixed reactions on social media following his outburst, some fans defended him by pointing out that the low turnout was due to a rainstorm outside the stadium and not a lack of interest in the performance.

Overall, Busta Rhymes’ message to the audience was to put away their phones, stand up, and interact with him during his performance. He wanted to create a lively and engaging atmosphere at the Essence Festival, and although his approach may have been intense, his passion for his craft and connecting with the audience was evident.