The April 2024 new moon is accompanied by a solar eclipse as well as a Mercury retrograde. A period of rupture for some, of discoveries for others, we take stock of the unexpected effects of this lunation!

If the start of this month of April seems hectic to you, you are not at the end of your surprises! The astrological events that await us promise to be intense and to have numerous effects in our lives. The climax of this tumultuous period takes place during the next new moon scheduled in Aries for this Monday, April 8, 2024, at 8:20 p.m. But that’s not all: the latter is accompanied by a total solar eclipse (unfortunately invisible from France) but also coincides with a period when Mercury retrogrades in Aries. In the midst of this turbulent period, here is what to expect in the days to come.

During this new moon, the retrograde of Mercury in Aries invites us to slow down. In Marie-Claire magazine, astrologer Julie Patriat emphasizes the importance of taking your time and not rushing into launching new projects. Often feared, this retrograde goes against the deep nature of Aries who tends to rush forward and likes when things go quickly. The presence of an eclipse adds further uncertainty to this pivotal period which could see conflicts or even separations arise. In summary, be patient and avoid impulsiveness during this new moon which could present you with unexpected challenges!

Aries at the center of positive energies

For those born in Aries, this April new moon is undoubtedly one of the key dates of your year 2024. It will be a golden opportunity for you to shine and benefit from the powerful energies that emerge from this lunation and the eclipse. who accompanies him. According to astrologer Isabelle Elvira of Femme Actuelle magazine, there is no question of launching into the void without preparing the ground. With good organization in your projects, “you feel reborn, in full possession of your means” evokes the astrologer who also advises showing kindness towards yourself and others during this intense period.

An electric new moon for certain signs

The signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Gemini will be more sensitive than others to the energies of this new moon and the solar eclipse that accompanies it. If you are Virgo, this new moon could be a source of stress. Isabelle Elvira advises you to “take a step back to analyze the situation”. So avoid throwing yourself headlong into a solution before having thought it through carefully!

On the Capricorn side, this lunation is synonymous with coming together in your personal life. “You rediscover the need to be surrounded and invest a lot of energy to strengthen your ties,” says the astrologer. Finally, Gemini will have to maintain their composure during this period which will be beneficial for their balance. If you are of this sign, now is the time to prioritize your career in order to give it new momentum.