Bradley Walsh, the popular host of The Chase, found himself in a humorous situation during a recent celebrity special episode. The episode featured well-known personalities such as Ruth Davidson, Ferne McCann, Dan Walker, and Mark King competing against the chaser, Paul Sinha, for a charity prize.

Ruth Davidson, a Scottish politician, impressed everyone by winning £7,000 in her cash builder round and securing her spot in the Final Chase. However, things took a funny turn when she answered a question about Roman numerals. When asked how forty is written in Roman numerals, Ruth correctly answered XL. Bradley Walsh jokingly commented that XL stood for ‘extra large,’ prompting Ruth to playfully call it rude.

In response to Ruth’s comment, Bradley humorously escorted her off the set, reminding her that he’s the one who makes the jokes on the show. The light-hearted exchange left viewers entertained and in stitches.

Following Ruth’s exit, Ferne and Mark joined forces in the Final Chase and managed to accumulate £12,000 for their chosen charities. Their successful performance against The Sinnerman secured them the winnings and highlighted their trivia skills.

In addition to his hosting duties on The Chase, Bradley Walsh’s financial success has also been in the spotlight. His company, Wingit Production Limited, which he runs with his wife Donna, saw a significant increase in its accounts last year. With a reported weekly income of £25,000, Bradley’s net worth continues to grow, thanks to his various television projects like The Chase, Gladiators, and Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.

Overall, the celebrity special episode of The Chase provided both entertainment and charitable contributions, showcasing the competitive spirit and humor of the contestants. Bradley Walsh’s ability to keep the show engaging and lively was once again on display, making the episode a memorable one for viewers.