Brad Pitt is taking the lead in the upcoming film F1, as shown in the exciting teaser trailer released recently. The actor’s character is determined to compete at the highest level in the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing, with intense emotions running high throughout the teaser.

The teaser trailer features Pitt’s character discussing the need to build a competitive car for the race, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for combat on the track. The adrenaline-pumping trailer is set to the iconic soundtrack of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” showcasing high-speed Formula 1 cars and giving viewers a glimpse of the star-studded cast in action.

Apple Studios announced that F1, starring Brad Pitt, will be hitting theaters in the U.S. on June 27, 2025. The film brings together a talented team including director Joseph Kosinski, writer Ehren Kruger, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, promising an action-packed and thrilling cinematic experience for audiences.

Brad Pitt’s dedication to the project was evident as he attended the British Grand Prix for the second consecutive year, immersing himself in the world of Formula 1 racing. Sporting a white racing suit and black vest, Pitt interacted with fans and was seen exploring behind the scenes at the Silverstone Circuit in Northampton, England.

The actor’s involvement in the upcoming F1 movie extends beyond the silver screen, as he was spotted filming scenes at last year’s British Grand Prix alongside co-star Damson Idris. The film is being produced in collaboration with Formula 1, offering fans an authentic and immersive look at the thrilling world of Grand Prix racing.

In F1, Brad Pitt portrays Sonny Hayes, a retired driver who makes a comeback to the sport to mentor a young and talented racer, played by Idris. Pitt’s passion for Formula 1 is evident, having previously been seen enjoying the United States Grand Prix and engaging with racing legends like Lewis Hamilton and industry leaders like Tim Cook.

As excitement continues to build for the release of F1, fans can anticipate a high-octane and gripping cinematic experience that combines the adrenaline of Formula 1 racing with compelling storytelling and unforgettable performances from a stellar cast. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling project and get ready to buckle up for the ride of a lifetime with Brad Pitt in the driver’s seat.