Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split in 2016 was a highly publicized event that brought to light some troubling allegations. Legal documents revealed that Brad Pitt allegedly grabbed and shook Jolie on a plane, accusing her of “f—— up this family.” There were also claims that Pitt had been physically abusive towards their children, which his representative denied.

The former couple shares six children together, with most of them choosing to distance themselves from their father after the divorce. Some of the kids even decided to unofficially drop Pitt from their surnames, showing the extent of the strain in their relationship.

Despite the legal battles over their French winery, Miraval, which Pitt had purchased with Jolie in 2008, the actor has been reflecting on his past behavior. A source close to Pitt revealed that he regrets not being a model husband or father during his marriage to Jolie. He had hoped that the winery would be something for his children to have and build on in the future, but now he questions if it was all worth it.

Pitt is now living a sober life and striving to be a better person. He acknowledges that he can’t force his children to rebuild their relationship with him and understands that it has to be on their terms. Despite the challenges, Pitt remains hopeful that he will be there for his children when they are ready to reconnect.

As Pitt navigates the complexities of his personal life, he is taking steps to improve himself and mend his relationships with his children. It’s a journey that requires patience and understanding, but Pitt is committed to being there for his kids when they are ready to welcome him back into their lives.