Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman recently started promoting their upcoming film, Deadpool & Wolverine, in Shanghai, China. Jackman posted a photo on Instagram of Reynolds in a tight white tank top, showing off his strong arms. In a funny caption, Jackman quoted Reynolds saying, “You want me to put this away?” This caught the attention of Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, who left a flirty comment on the photo, jokingly saying, “My thirst has been trapped.”

Reynolds joined in on the fun by pretending to be outraged that the photo was shared, claiming it was from his private collection. He later shared Jackman’s post on his Instagram Stories, adding, “You’ve brought shame upon my house.” This playful banter between the co-stars and friends is not new, as Lively has previously made playful comments about Reynolds’ physique in the past.

While Lively is supporting her husband in his promotional tour, she is also busy with her own projects, such as her highly anticipated summer movie, It Ends With Us. Despite her busy schedule, Lively has made time to show her admiration for her friend, Taylor Swift, stating that she is the singer’s biggest fan. Lively even helped secure Swift’s song, “my tears ricochet,” for the trailer of a film adaptation she is involved in.

Lively and Reynolds, who have been married since 2012, have four children together. They have three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty, and a fourth child whose name and gender they have not revealed yet. The couple’s playful and loving relationship is evident in their interactions on social media and in public appearances, showing that they have a strong bond both on and off the screen.