Blake Lively, who is 36 years old, openly expresses her admiration for her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who is 47. The couple is known for their playful and humorous interactions on social media, which often leave fans entertained.

Recently, Blake commented on a photo of Ryan shared by Hugh Jackman, where Ryan can be seen in a white tank top. Hugh Jackman captioned the post in a teasing manner, to which Ryan responded with more playful banter. This light-hearted exchange between the two actors showcases a glimpse into their friendship and camaraderie.

While Ryan is currently in China with Hugh Jackman, Blake is not by his side. However, their online interactions and public displays of affection demonstrate the strong bond they share. The couple, who have three daughters and a fourth child born in February 2023, often engage in friendly trolling online, keeping their relationship fun and exciting.

Their ability to joke around and tease each other shows the depth of their connection and mutual respect. Fans enjoy following their banter on social media, as it provides a refreshing and humorous insight into their lives as a couple. Despite their busy schedules and separate travels, Ryan and Blake’s love and admiration for each other shine through in their playful exchanges.