Comedian Bill Bailey recently shocked his fans by revealing a new look on Instagram. The 59-year-old, known for his long locks, decided to chop off his signature hair and go for a bald head instead. His post on Instagram received over 23,000 likes in just a few hours, showing off his dramatic transformation.

Many of his celebrity friends, including Dawn French and Oti Mabuse, expressed their surprise and admiration for his new style. Fans also flooded the comment section, with some jokingly suggesting it was a sign of the apocalypse.

Bill Bailey is famous for his unique hairstyle, which he refers to as a “skullet.” In a previous interview, he mentioned how his hair has become a trademark and often attracts attention when he’s out in public. Despite the sudden change, fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming UK tour, wondering if his legendary mane will make a comeback.

The comedian’s decision to switch up his look has created quite a buzz among his followers, with many expressing their shock and admiration for his bold move. Only time will tell if this new style becomes his new trademark or if he’ll eventually return to his iconic long hair. Stay tuned for more updates on Bill Bailey’s hair journey.