Ben Affleck was recently spotted without his wedding ring, adding fuel to the speculation that his marriage with Jennifer Lopez may have been over for quite some time. Despite remaining tight-lipped about the state of their relationship, the couple has put up their marital mansion for sale and sold some of their artwork, hinting at a possible split. Rumors of marital troubles have been circulating for months, with the couple making rare public appearances together and appearing distant during those times.

Affleck’s recent outings without his wedding ring have only added to the speculation. Last month, he was seen without the ring during a food outing with his eldest child, Violet, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, along with their other children, Fin and Samuel. The lack of public appearances together and their silence on the matter have led fans to believe that their marriage may indeed be on the rocks.

While fans hoped that Affleck and Lopez would reconcile, it was recently revealed that their marriage has been falling apart for months. Affleck’s absence from major events in Lopez’s life, such as the Met Gala and the debut of her Netflix movie, “Atlas,” further fueled rumors of a split. Lopez also seemed to hint at the breakdown of their relationship by liking a social media post about healthy versus unhealthy relationships.

Despite the rumors, a formal divorce announcement has been put on hold as the couple focuses on settling school plans for their children. They want to ensure that all of their kids, including Affleck’s with Garner and Lopez’s with Marc Anthony, are taken care of before making any official announcements. While sources claim that the couple is trying to remain cordial with each other, Lopez’s mother has advised her daughter to “cut her losses” and move on from the actor.

Affleck’s close friend, Matt Damon, is reportedly concerned about his well-being and is trying to prevent him from relapsing into his past drinking habits. Damon has been rallying their friends to stage an intervention and show Affleck that he is loved and supported. Everyone, including Affleck’s ex, Jen Garner, and their kids, is trying to keep him occupied and distracted from the breakup with Lopez.

In conclusion, the news of Ben Affleck being spotted without his wedding ring has only added to the speculation surrounding his marriage with Jennifer Lopez. While the couple has remained silent on the matter, their actions and public appearances, or lack thereof, have spoken volumes. Fans will have to wait and see if and when the couple will make an official announcement regarding the status of their relationship.