Bebe Rexha has made it clear that she has zero tolerance for audience members who throw items at her during performances. Recently, the 34-year-old singer-songwriter kicked out a fan from her show in Norway after they tried to toss something at her from the crowd. Videos circulating online show Bebe stopping her performance and threatening legal action against the unruly fan. She firmly stated, “If you hit me with something on stage, I’ll take you for everything you’ve done. Do not play with me right now.”

In the video, Bebe can be seen asking the rest of the audience to point out the person responsible for throwing the item. “Which one? Point me to the person. I want to see them,” she demanded. The fan was then escorted out by security as the crowd booed. Bebe said, “Goodbye,” into the mic as the other audience members echoed her sentiments.

This incident is not the first time Bebe has had to deal with fans throwing things at her during performances. In June 2023, she was hit in the face with a cellphone during a show in New York City, which resulted in her being taken to the hospital. The individual responsible was arrested and charged with felony assault. Bebe has also faced similar situations at other concerts, like one in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where audience members were throwing items at her.

Given her past experiences, it’s understandable why Bebe has such a strong reaction to audience members throwing things at her. She wants to ensure her safety and the safety of others attending her shows. Bebe’s zero-tolerance policy shows that she is serious about taking legal action against those who disrupt her performances in such a dangerous manner.