Zara McDermott, known for her appearances on Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing, is taking on a new role as an investigative journalist for BBC Morning Live. In an upcoming special feature developed in collaboration with The Open University, Zara will delve into the troubling world of online trolling.

The segment, set to air on Thursday, July 11 at 9:30am on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, will explore the phenomenon of Everyday Extremism, shedding light on how seemingly harmless online content can quickly turn into hateful speech. Zara, who has personally experienced online abuse, aims to uncover the reality that online trolls can be ordinary individuals like nurses, teachers, and parents.

During the segment, Zara will speak with Professor Kesi Mahendran from The Open University, who will explain how memes and jokes shared online can escalate into harmful behavior. Professor Mahendran emphasizes the importance of recognizing when online communication crosses the line into hostility, damaging the reputation of individuals or groups.

Zara’s investigation for BBC Morning Live promises to provide valuable insights into the world of online trolling and Everyday Extremism. By sharing her own experiences and speaking with experts, Zara hopes to raise awareness about the impact of online hate speech and encourage viewers to think critically about their online interactions. Be sure to tune in to BBC Morning Live on July 11 to watch this important and eye-opening segment.