BBC Breakfast viewers were surprised to see a change in the lineup on Monday as regular host Sally Nugent was missing from the show. The familiar face of Jon Kay was back at the helm, but this time he was joined by Sarah Campbell, who often steps in on weekends. Sally’s absence comes after her coverage of the UK’s General Election last week, where she provided viewers with insights from Sunderland, known for its quick election results.

Last week, Sally returned to the show after a two-day absence in late June, with Sarah filling in for her. The change was announced by Jon on Instagram, where he shared a photo of himself, Sarah, and their colleague Ben Boulos in the studio. Fans also joined in on the celebration, expressing surprise at how quickly a year had passed since the show moved to a new studio in Salford.

While Sally’s absence may have left some viewers wondering, Sarah Campbell did an excellent job filling in on the red sofa. Fans praised her for her pleasant demeanor, great smile, and relaxed presentation style, making it a positive start to the day for many.

The BBC Breakfast team has seen many changes over the past year, with hundreds of guests interviewed on the sofa and thousands of stories covered. The addition of the BBC News at One to the Salford studio last month was another milestone for the team, marking a year of growth and success.

As viewers continue to tune in to BBC Breakfast for their daily news updates, the team remains dedicated to delivering accurate and engaging content. While Sally Nugent’s absence may have been unexpected, the show continues to provide viewers with the latest news and stories, ensuring that they start their day informed and entertained.