Bárbara Evans Opens Up About Son’s Health: ‘I Can’t Take Him Suffering Anymore’

Bárbara Evans recently shared her struggles with her son’s health, revealing that she had to take a sedative to rest. She expressed her concerns about her son’s well-being and the need to stay strong during this difficult time. Evans emphasized the importance of faith, seeking solutions, and believing in a positive outcome.

The reality star also discussed her conversation with her husband about managing her exhaustion and the decisions they made to cope with the situation. She mentioned the need to prioritize self-care and rest in order to support her son effectively. Evans revealed that her son, Antônio, is currently battling bronchiolitis and had to be transferred to a pediatric intensive care unit.

Antônio, who is six months old, has been hospitalized since last Sunday at the Hospital da Criança e Maternidade de São José do Rio Preto in São Paulo. Evans shared updates on social media about her son’s condition and the challenges they are facing. Despite the difficult circumstances, she remains hopeful and determined to see her son recover soon.