Joey Graziadei, known for his appearance on “The Bachelor,” recently addressed rumors about his financial status. In a video shared on his Instagram Story, Graziadei clarified that he is not broke, despite moving in with his fiancée Kelsey Anderson and her roommates. He explained that he made the choice to live with them in order to spend more time with Anderson as she finishes her lease.

Although Graziadei acknowledged that his credit score took a hit after missing a payment while filming “The Bachelor,” he emphasized that he has since been able to improve his score. The TV personality shared this information on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast, shedding light on his financial situation.

Anderson, Graziadei’s fiancée, described him as her “security blanket” and explained that they are currently living together in a spacious home with roommates in New Orleans. She compared their living situation to the TV show “New Girl,” highlighting the positive aspects of their arrangement.

Despite facing challenges with his credit score, Graziadei and Anderson have enjoyed traveling together to various destinations, including Nashville, Saint Martin, and Portugal. Recently, Graziadei surprised fans by debuting a summer buzzcut before embarking on a trip to the Caribbean.

Overall, Graziadei’s openness about his financial struggles and living situation with Anderson demonstrates their commitment to each other and their ability to navigate challenges together. Their story serves as a reminder that relationships are about more than just financial stability and that love and support are essential components of a successful partnership.