Ariana Grande recently addressed critics who commented on her voice transformation during a podcast appearance on the Podcrushed show hosted by Penn Badgley. The 31-year-old singer explained that switching pitches is a normal thing people do, especially if you have a large vocal range. Grande trained her voice to sing and speak at a higher range for a specific role, which sometimes leads to unexpected changes in her voice.

She defended herself against criticism, highlighting the double standard between actors and actresses who go “method” for a role and how they are praised for their dedication, while she faces mockery. Grande’s friend and podcast host, Evan Ross Katz, emphasized that both tones of her voice are real and depend on various factors such as the time of day and her vocal regimen intensity.

Grande also emphasized the importance of vocal health and the commitment required to maintain her voice. She acknowledged that being a singer is a full-time commitment and lifestyle that cannot be taken lightly. Grande received widespread attention after a video of her podcast appearance went viral on TikTok, prompting her to explain her vocal habits in a comment.

In addition to her upcoming role in the Wicked film adaptation, Grande is promoting her latest album, Eternal Sunshine, which was released in March. She hinted at the possibility of a mini tour for her fans, considering the idea of performing shows in between filming for Wicked. The first part of the Wicked film is set to release on Nov. 22, 2024, followed by the second part on Nov. 26, 2025, featuring a star-studded cast including Cynthia Erivo, Jonathan Bailey, Michelle Yeoh, and Jeff Goldblum.