Soccer, or football, means everything to many Argentinians. Betting against Messi is never a good idea, as one famous rapper found out the hard way.

Drake, a 37-year-old rapper, recently shared a screenshot on his Instagram stories where he bet $300,000 for a potential $2.88 million payout on a Canada victory. However, Argentina, the defending champions, defeated Canada in the Copa América semifinal, causing Drake to lose his bet.

In response to Drake’s failed bet, the Argentinian National Football Team posted on social media with a caption that read, “Not like us, not with us🇦🇷”. This was a clear message to Drake that betting against Argentina was not a wise choice.

Drake’s recent string of losses in sports bets has led to the creation of the “Drake Curse”, where his support for a team often results in the opposite outcome. Since March of this year, Drake has lost nearly $2.5 million in bets due to this curse.

Despite the loss, Messi and the Argentinian team acknowledged Canada’s impressive performance in their first-ever Copa América tournament. Messi expressed the challenges faced during the tournament, including tough opponents and difficult playing conditions.

Looking ahead, Argentina is aiming to secure their 16th Copa América title and will face either Uruguay or Colombia in the final on Sunday. Messi, often regarded as the greatest football player of all time, will lead his team in the hopes of clinching another championship.

The Copa América final promises to be an exciting match as Argentina aims to solidify their dominance in South American football. Fans around the world will be eagerly watching to see if Messi and his team can emerge victorious once again.