Antonia Fontenelle Accuses Carlinhos Maia of Drug Use and Sparks Controversy Online

The weekend ended with a lot of drama, confusion, shouting, and exchanging of barbs on social media between Carlinhos Maia and Antonia Fontenelle. So, dear reader, sit down because the story is long.

It all started when the influencer accused Lucas Guimarães’ husband of posting a photo with cocaine in the background. In the image, the man shows off his diamond watch, and in the background, some white lines appear. Upon receiving this image, Antonia Fontenelle took to her Instagram stories and lashed out.

“Carlinhos Maia, change your route while you still can. Look at the photo posted by one of Brazil’s biggest influencers. Below your diamond watch, lines and more lines of cocaine. That’s what happens when people lose their purpose,” she exclaimed.

Upon learning of the accusations, Carlinhos Maia recorded a series of videos and hit back: “First of all, I want to apologize to everyone who follows me for me bringing up this topic here. Sorry for using language that I don’t usually use. And I’m not going to make jokes, I’m not going to laugh,” he assured.

He then explained, “For a long time, this person has been speaking badly of me on her shows and everything, and I just let it go, I ignore it, like I ignore most people who use my name to get likes, and it’s okay. But from the moment this goat-sucking guy, this blonde from hell […]. Yesterday, I went out with the boys after the interview and wore vinyl pants. I took a blurry photo, showing the watch, and the vinyl pants… Then this hellish blonde, this **** sucker of hell, who has nothing to do, made an accusation saying that there were lines and lines of cocaine, drugs below my pants,” he complained.

And he continued, “Look, Antonia Fontenelle. See? I’m going to sue you nicely, because enough is enough. Every time you talked about me, your nonsense, your idiocies, I didn’t care, because it’s frustration that you have. What you saw there, you weirdo, your problem. You crossed the line. They are jewels! My diamonds reflecting on vinyl pants…,” Carlinhos affirmed.

As for the boy who appears drunk in the post, he said, “I’m not anyone’s father. They are of legal age, and I went to a birthday party. There’s no child drinking. So, for years you’ve been bothering me with this.”

The influencer then revealed the reason why Antonia Fontenelle has an issue with him: “People, I always treated this woman very well, was always affectionate with her, gave interviews to her. There was a time — sorry, friends, for mentioning your names — that Flávia Alessandra and Otaviano Costa went there to a Saint John’s village, and since then this woman went crazy,” he recalled, before adding:

“Because in her sick head, I think I had a threesome with her, a foursome with her, was part of a relationship, as if I had no contact with Otaviano Costa and Flávia. Man, what’s wrong with you? Go find some love! I don’t know, be with several people! Be happy, take care of your son, take care of your life,” he advised.

Carlinhos Maia continued to question, “What harm did I do to you, damn it? Was I married to you? Man, do you have any idea, crazy? Several people bothering me out of nowhere, and then comes a crazy person who has never done anything for me, never gave me a brick to build what I built, comes and calmly accuses me of using cocaine. Go to hell, you ****!,” he swore.

And he concluded, “I’m here talking with such laziness, but if I don’t justify, not that it’s a justification, but if I don’t come here to scold you, you dirty dog, people will believe that I’m a cokehead. Cow!,” he finished.

Despite the outburst, later on, Carlinhos Maia deleted the posts, as did Antonia Fontenelle. Even though she took down the accusations, the influencer still took the opportunity to address the young man.

“Guys, I was going to write a text here for Carlinhos Maia, but the interpretation is not the same. Sometimes we say things, and you can’t even interpret what we’re saying. It’s hard, let alone what we write,” she began.

She then clarified, “Alright, Carlinhos, let’s start by saying that I’m not afraid of lawsuits. I’m not. The person who sent me this photo saying it was cocaine, and that’s why you deleted it from your stories, confirmed it to me. Then, they sent me a 4-minute video of a drunk, wasted guy, feeling sick, and you filming and having fun. Just like when you post children dancing to explicit funk. Just like when you post the little tiger game and when people mess up, you say ‘I don’t even play, you played because you wanted, I didn’t force anyone’,” she analyzed.

She went on to say, “So, you’re always doing a disservice and covering your own back. I don’t speak ill of you, I state facts. Facts that have no argument against them. Today, I just received your video, you defending yourself, showing that you were wearing patent leather pants and reflected lalalalalalalala…. So, I was in doubt. And I don’t like to be frivolous and unfair to anyone. So, that’s why I’m going to delete my post, but know that it’s not out of fear of a lawsuit, feel free to sue me, there’s no problem with that,” she stated.

And she added, “The arguments you used in the video, I laughed because they make no sense. And what I saw and observed was what I already knew about you. What I observed is that your defense today is what I always thought of you. You are an ignorant guy. I don’t see you as a bad person. I see you as an ignorant person,” she criticized.

Shortly after, she countered Carlinhos Maia’s statement about the young man who was drinking: “You argue that this young man who was wasted there, that you filmed, that you’re not his father. But you’re an influencer, you can’t feed into this because those who follow you, who like you, will say ‘damn I saw it on Carlinhos, it’s all good.’ And the work I do is to fight against this, that’s why I have so many enemies. Your arguments make no sense, I didn’t understand anything you said,” she said.

Antonia Fontenelle also revealed that she no longer has access to the influencer’s social media accounts: “Now, you’ve even blocked me. I tried to tag you and couldn’t. Why do you hate me? Because everyone pats you on the back. I don’t pat anyone on the back, Carlinhos. So, for you, I’m this person: ‘dried-up bird, bitter, go have sex.’ Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m great, but I’m watching everything. Because tomorrow I plan to leave a legacy, and that legacy is not about giving out iPhone 15 to miserable people with decayed teeth, who have no education. So, doing good is not that. It’s not giving diamond necklaces to I don’t know who. Carlinhos, I don’t wish you ill, but you’ve been doing a disservice to the country, and it’s not just now,” she detailed.

She continued to criticize, “So, just to wrap up your argument: if it’s not that, okay. In doubt, I’ll take it down. But, again, feel free to sue me. But know that I’m not only watching you, I’m watching so many people who are doing a disservice and that will reflect on our society tomorrow. You know why, Carlinhos? Like you said, I have a son, I have granddaughters, and I take care of them a lot. But it’s not enough to just take care of them, I have to take care of the surroundings, try to help to minimize the problems,” she said.

In the end, she expressed her belief that Carlinhos will reconsider his behavior: “You are very rich in money, but you are poor in culture and a lot of things, but you have a good heart. And because I know you have a good heart, I bet that when you put your head on the pillow, you’ll think about all of this: ‘Does that dried-up bird, *****, soulless, bitter woman have a point? Do I have to post less of this kind of thing on my social media? Do I really have to rethink my path?’ I know you will think about it,” she concluded.