Invited for the twenty years of Nouvelle Star on M6, the singer Amel Bent has been married since 2015 with Patrick Antonelli, with whom she has three children.

Amel Bent marked the history of Nouvelle Star. Impossible, therefore, to celebrate the twenty years of the cult program of M6, this Wednesday, February 22, 2023, without it. Faced with the former members of the jury, Marianne James, Dove Attia and André Manoukian, Amel Bent took over, on the set of Nouvelle Star, the twenty years, the song of his cast, La Bohème, a timeless hit by Charles Aznavour. The opportunity also to take an interest in the private life of the interpreter of My Philosophy, married for several years to Patrick Antonelli.

It was on June 15, 2015 that the singer married this manager of a driving school in Neuilly-sur-Seine, whom she had met the year before. Their wedding takes place in this city, before they leave for Saint-Tropez to spend their honeymoon there. Born in February 1977, he manages two establishments. In 2016, he was indicted in a driving license fraud case involving celebrities (such as Ali Baddou, Jérémy Ménez or Samir Nasri), with the complicity of an employee of the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture. According to the authorities, he would have allowed 258 people to obtain fake driving licenses for a sum of money between 2,000 and 10,000 euros. Patrick Antonelli will spend four months in prison.

After these disputes with the law, the couple finally had to divorce, reported Public, to be able to file a separate tax return from that of Amel Bent. “The prosecutor has requested a large fine against my client, when he was already sentenced last year for tax evasion to pay several hundred thousand euros. A sum he is unable to repay (…) And as you know, he divorced amicably last year, because it’s not up to his wife to pay,” Patrick Antonelli’s lawyer told the magazine.

Last May, Patrick Antonelli, companion of Amel Bent, with whom he has just had a third child, was imprisoned on Tuesday May 3, 2022 at the Nanterre remand center, in the Hauts-de-Seine, to serve a fifteen month sentence. He was released after two months of imprisonment, as part of a sentence adjustment by the Court of Appeal to eight months in prison, fitted with the wearing of an electronic bracelet.

On March 8, 2022, the city’s criminal court convicted the man on multiple counts, listed by Le Parisien. He is therefore condemned “for having illegally exercised the profession of security guard” after having played the bodyguards of his singer companion; for “judgment fraud” after having “presented an invoice when he did not have the authorization to practice” and finally for “simple fraud”, for having “benefited from state aid paid for compensate for the drop in activity during the Covid when there was no right to it. Patrick Antonelli has already been implicated and convicted by the Versailles Court of Appeal in a driving license trafficking case and was placed under an electronic bracelet.

In October 2021, Amel Bent announced that she was expecting her third child, a boy named Zayn. “I have just passed the famous first trimester. I normally have a baby who will be born in a few months”, then declared the singer in the program Sept à Huit Sunday October 24 on TF1, also revealing to have had a miscarriage and lost her baby a few months earlier, while filming The Voice. “Very quickly, in the days that followed, I began to feel other sensations that I know less about. It started with cramps in my stomach. Obviously, I immediately called my doctor who told me that it was normal. (…) Except that the pains intensify. I say nothing, I go through the days of recording thinking to myself: ‘I hope it’s nothing serious'”, had been – she remembered, evoking a test “very painful, both physically and psychologically.”

Amel Bent has since wanted her experience to help women who have suffered a miscarriage to talk about it, “so that these taboos are no longer taboos”, she wrote in a message posted on Instagram. “These are painful ordeals that the codes of our society force us to ignore (…) Let’s be strong, let’s be united and let’s not be afraid to make things happen for our future generations”, concluded the singer.

On April 7, 2022, Amel Bent announced the birth of her third child, in a publication posted on her Instagram account. “Happy and moved to announce the birth of my little prince. Fit and healthy thanks to God. Thank you for all your messages of love and kindness throughout this pregnancy that I have shared with you”, wrote the artist in the caption of two photos.

Before the birth of their third child, Zayn, with her husband Patrick Antonelli, Amel Bent had two daughters. On September 30, 2015, she shared the news of her first pregnancy on social networks: on February 4, 2016, she gave birth to her first child, named Sofia. “I love my time in the studio, but I rush to find my daughter and my husband. I know singing is my passion, but it’s also my job. And this job can’t eat up my whole life. I’m a woman, a wife, a mother. Terribly happy. And I yearn to find my audience, you have no idea”, she confided at the time to Télé 7 Jours. On October 17, 2017, she gave birth to a second baby girl, named Hana.