New WhatsApp Channel Launched by Álvaro Uribe to Connect with Colombians

Communication technology has made it easier to connect with people and share information in real-time. One of the tools that facilitate this is WhatsApp channels, a feature of the popular messaging platform that allows for the dissemination of messages to a large number of people in a one-way manner.

Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe has recently launched his own WhatsApp channel, aimed at reaching out to a wide audience directly without any intermediaries. In a welcome message on the channel, Uribe mentions that even though he does not personally manage WhatsApp, he has opened this channel to promote his thoughts and ideas to the public, thanking those who join for their generosity.

Uribe highlights some alarming statistics, pointing out the current government’s record of 154 massacres, compared to 102 in 2002 when he took office. He also mentions the increasing number of social leaders being assassinated, with 333 killed in the past 22 months, compared to 1,649 in 2002 and 434 in 2010.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication platforms globally, and Uribe’s new channel is another way for him to engage with the public and share his perspectives on current issues. If you want to stay updated with the former president’s messages, you can join his WhatsApp channel at

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