A security guard is facing trial for allegedly plotting to kidnap, rape, and murder former This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby. Gavin Plumb, a 37-year-old from Harlow, Essex, is currently on trial at Chelmsford Crown Court. He denies soliciting murder, inciting kidnap, and inciting rape.

Plumb is accused of developing an “obsession” with Holly Willoughby over several years. Prosecutors claim that he had purchased items such as metal cable ties, a knife, and chloroform in preparation for the alleged attack. It is believed that his fixation on Willoughby grew over time, with him collecting hundreds of images of her from online sources.

During the trial, it was revealed that Plumb also expressed an interest in Holly Willoughby’s sister and engaged in highly sexualized online discussions. Prosecutors claim that he shared “deepfake” pornographic images of Willoughby with another individual named Marc. These images involved placing Willoughby’s face onto the bodies of other women in explicit scenarios.

Additionally, court proceedings unveiled conversations where Plumb discussed his desire to carry out the alleged crimes against Willoughby. He reportedly stated that his fantasies were no longer enough and that he wanted to turn them into reality. Plumb even considered using his background as a security guard to gain access to Willoughby, suggesting that he could work for her or visit the ITV studios where she filmed This Morning.

Furthermore, Plumb allegedly communicated with an undercover US officer about his plans to kidnap Willoughby and her husband in a home invasion scenario. The officer, who specialized in investigating crimes like murder for hire and human trafficking, was monitoring online forums where Plumb shared his intentions. Plumb’s messages detailed using chloroform on the couple, tying them up, and taking Willoughby while leaving her husband behind.

The trial is ongoing, with more details expected to emerge in the coming weeks. The case has shocked many, highlighting the dangers of obsession and the serious consequences of such extreme behavior. As the proceedings continue, the court will delve deeper into Plumb’s alleged plans and motives, shedding light on the disturbing nature of the accusations against him.