Understanding the Viral Phenomenon of “Brat” on Social Media

If you are someone who follows social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram, you may have noticed a surge of memes featuring a vibrant green color accompanied by the word “brat.”

To truly grasp the origin of this meme embraced by brands like Globo and Burger King, it might be necessary to delve into the world of contemporary pop music.

The release of Charli XCX’s album “brat,” set for June 7, 2024, has sparked significant buzz on social media due to its minimalist neon green cover. Songs like “Von Dutch” and “360” were released as singles prior to the album and quickly became hits, capturing the public’s attention.

Fan clubs and pages on X (formerly Twitter) started creating memes inspired by the album’s language and aesthetic, with brands like Rede Globo, Globoplay, Burger King, and Confort joining in on the trend.

These “brat” memes continue to build anticipation for the British singer’s new album, adding to the excitement surrounding its release.

“Brat” marks Charli XCX’s sixth album, scheduled for release this Friday. Since its announcement, the album has generated considerable buzz on social media, particularly due to its striking cover – a neon green screen with the title in black centered in a simple font.

The anticipation for the album’s release, coupled with its distinctive cover art, has led to the gradual emergence of various memes online. The album consists of 15 tracks with a total duration of 41 minutes and 23 seconds, including the previously released singles “Von Dutch” and “360.”

Musically, “brat” is described as a club music album, reflecting Charli XCX’s roots in the dance floor scene. The album explores themes of vulnerability and self-discovery while maintaining the artist’s energetic and distinctive style.

But what does “brat” actually mean? The slang term is used to describe a person, typically a child or teenager, who is spoiled, disobedient, or misbehaved. Depending on the context, the word can be used affectionately or critically. In some cases, “brat” may also refer to someone who acts stubbornly or petulantly, always wanting things their way.

The term is a central part of Charli’s new album concept, as heard in the lyrics of the single “360” where she sings, “I went my own way and I made it. I’m your favorite reference, baby.”

Who is Charli XCX? Charlotte Emma Aitchison, known professionally as Charli XCX, is an English singer, songwriter, and producer. Born on August 2, 1992, Charli has made a name for herself in the pop and electropop music scene with her innovative and influential style. In addition to the highly anticipated “brat” (2024), she has released several studio albums, including “True Romance” (2013), “Sucker” (2014), “Charli” (2019), “How I’m Feeling Now” (2020), and “CRASH” (2022).