A Scottish rock band from the 90s has recently reunited and shared a photo on Instagram, looking unrecognizable from their chart-topping days over three decades ago. The Soup Dragons, named after a children’s cartoon character, released their first EP in 1986 and gained fame for their cover of the Rolling Stones’ track “I’m Free.” The lead singer, Sean Dickson, reflected on the impact of the song, mentioning how it was embraced by the music scene and became a hit in gay clubs in America.

After disbanding in 1995, the members pursued various music projects, with their story being featured in a 2017 TV documentary. However, the band surprised fans by reuniting last year and announcing six tour dates in the UK for later this year. Despite their comeback, the group faced controversy when vocalist Sean and Paul Quinn were banned from a TV show hosted by Lorraine Kelly due to being hungover after a gig in London.

The band’s announcement of their reunion tour has sparked excitement among fans, and their Instagram post hinting at their comeback has garnered attention. As they gear up for their upcoming gigs, fans are eager to see how the band has evolved over the years and what new music they may have in store for their audience. With a mix of nostalgia and anticipation, the Soup Dragons’ return to the music scene is sure to bring back memories of their 90s heyday while also showcasing their growth and evolution as artists.