Kai Cenat Hosts Kevin Hart Roasting LeBron James on Livestream

22-year-old Youtuber Kai Cenat has become a global sensation with his entertaining online livestreams, often featuring celebrities and comedians. Recently, Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James made a brief appearance during a stream with renowned comedian Kevin Hart. Hart playfully teased LeBron about his early exit from the NBA playoffs, to which LeBron responded with humor. The livestream garnered over 650,000-700,000 viewers, with LeBron graciously acknowledging the audience.

Kevin Hart and LeBron James share a long-standing friendship, with Hart frequently poking fun at LeBron, including jokes about his hairline. In a memorable moment during the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, LeBron playfully stole Hart’s drink and handed it to rapper Drake, creating a light-hearted moment between the friends.

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