Tom Cruise broke his ankle while filming a scene for ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ where he jumped between buildings. Despite the injury, the take was still used in the movie. Tom Hanks developed a staph infection after cutting his leg during the filming of ‘Cast Away.’ Doctors mentioned that the infection could have been fatal without proper treatment.

Bruce Willis suffered hearing loss while filming ‘Die Hard,’ and Sylvester Stallone had to undergo multiple surgeries after breaking his neck in ‘Expendables.’ Hugh Jackman sustained various injuries while playing Wolverine in ‘X-Men,’ with one of the worst incidents being his groin getting caught in a harness.

Jackie Chan had a bone puncture his brain after falling 40 feet on a rock during a stunt in ‘Armour of God.’ Halle Berry broke two ribs while shooting an MMA scene in ‘Bruised,’ but she continued filming despite the injury. Michelle Yeoh tore her knee ligaments while refusing to let someone else do her stunts in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.’

Keanu Reeves had a spinal injury that required a fusion and a plate in his neck before filming ‘Chain Reaction.’ Johnny Depp suffered a bruised stomach after being thrown off a horse in ‘The Lone Ranger.’ Jeremy Renner broke both his arms after falling off a stack of chairs while shooting ‘Tag.’

These actors put themselves at risk to deliver thrilling performances on screen, showcasing their dedication to their craft. Their commitment to their roles sometimes resulted in serious injuries, highlighting the dangers of performing stunts in movies. Despite the challenges they faced, these actors continued to push through and deliver memorable performances that captivated audiences worldwide.