YouTube is testing a new upcoming feature for its Premium subscribers. The latter would allow you to automatically move to the best moments of a video.

Could the future of YouTube be linked to artificial intelligence? In any case, this is what the information spotted by the AndroidAuthority site suggests. The leading streaming video site is currently testing a new feature that would rely on AI to keep you on its site more.

Based on artificial intelligence and user habits, YouTube would be able to identify and automatically play the best passages of a video you clicked on.

This new feature would, for the moment, be reserved only for YouTube Premium subscribers. It is currently in beta testing for certain users. YouTube would therefore test new arguments to encourage its users to subscribe to its Premium offer. The latter already allows you to download videos from the site to your phone and to free yourself from the advertisements displayed on the site.

Until now, when browsing a YouTube video, it was possible to move forward 10 seconds by double tapping on the screen. This new feature will now appear when you double-tap on a video to prompt you to skip to the best part of the video.

However, there are still many unanswered questions regarding this new feature. Will users’ “watch time” (or viewing time) be reduced by watching a large portion of videos? Is this likely to have an impact on the income of content creators? Will this feature only be available to YouTube Premium subscribers or offered to the majority? We will have to wait for an official press release from YouTube to confirm this.