Do you know why more and more young people are texting the number 143 on WhatsApp? We have the explanation.

Have you noticed that on WhatsApp many people are sharing strange codes or numbers? This trend is on the rise, and millions of young people have started spreading it on the messaging app. One of these numbers is “143”.

This code is widely shared by teenagers, especially during the summer period. It is also used in group chats on WhatsApp or within families. Want to unravel this mystery? Rest assured, these numbers have no harmful content; on the contrary, they are simply details that teenagers wish to highlight.

Its origin is on TikTok. On WhatsApp, it has just landed, used mainly by teenagers. The “143” simply means “I love you” where the number “1” means “I”, the “4” means “Love” and the “3” means “You”. Secret codes or numbers are often suggestive, but they also convey love. There is a variation: “1437”, the 1 means “I”, the 4 means “Love”, the “3” means “You”, and the 7 means “Forever”. Or “I love you forever”.

Here are some other codes used on WhatsApp:

Teens use secret codes on messengers to maintain privacy in their communications, strengthen group ties, have fun, and express themselves creatively. These codes also allow them to communicate without adults or others outside the circle understanding.