A video of rare violence, testifying to the attack on a teenager in Lyon, has been circulating on social networks for several days. One person was arrested on Thursday, December 14.

For several days, a very brutal video has been circulating on social networks. She testifies to the beating of a 13-year-old girl by at least two girls of the same age. From the police, BFM Lyon learned that the events took place on October 10 in the basement of a building in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon (Rhône-Alpes). The attacked girl filed a complaint on October 12.

Two months after the events and only a few hours after the video of the attack was broadcast on social networks, a person was arrested on the night of Thursday December 14 to Friday December 15, reports Le Progrès. The continuous news channel indicates for its part that a young girl presented herself at the police station in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon on Thursday, December 14, accompanied by her mother, she allegedly confessed to being one of the perpetrators of the attack . The teenager also said she had been the subject of death threats since the video was broadcast on social networks.

This video which shows the teenager being beaten and pulled by her hair quickly went viral on X (formerly Twitter). As soon as it was put online on the platform on Thursday, numerous reports were recorded and led to the opening of an investigation by Pharos, a site created by the government with the aim of reporting illicit content. The national police and the Rhône prefecture called on X Thursday evening, “out of respect for the victim”, not to “share the video or circulate information”.