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The 19th day of Top 14 saw the return of many internationals after several weeks of absence due to the Six Nations tournament. This was particularly the case of this Sunday evening’s clash, with the Garonne derby between Toulouse and UBB. While Stade Toulousain had left most of its internationals on the bench at kick-off, notably its forwards and Antoine Dupont, Bordeaux had lined up all its starters and dominated the first period, returning to the locker room with a score of 24 to 7. The entry of Dupont and Baille, Aldegheri and Cros energized the Toulouse attack, which even went back in front in the 64th minute (28-24). Finally, the Bordeaux surge came from Yann Lesgourgues and Penaud, to get back in front with a try from Pierre Bochaton.

In the other matches of the weekend, Bayonne retained its invincibility at home against the unrealistic Rochelais who multiplied the penalties without taking the points, before missing the winning penalty in the 78th, Antoine Hastoy hitting the post. It’s been two years since the people of Bayon have had their home. The good performance in the ranking is to the credit of Racing, winner in Castres and which moved up to 4th place. The leader Stade Français won with difficulty against LOU (22-13), while Toulon crushed Montpellier 54 to 7.

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