After the attack on a police station in La Courneuve this Sunday, Philippe Poutou was quick to react on X (formerly Twitter) and attract the wrath of the political class.

An outing that gets people talking. This Monday March 19, at the stroke of noon, the current municipal councilor at Bordeaux town hall, Philippe Poutou reacted to the attack on the facade of the La Courneuve police station (Seine-Saint-Denis), which occurred this Sunday March 17 March. As a reminder, around fifty individuals threw fireworks and projectiles at the police station and set trash cans on fire. Facts which occurred just a few days after the death of young Wanys R. during a chase with the police in Aubervilliers. After a collision with an anti-crime brigade (BAC) vehicle coming in the opposite direction, he lost his life.

The former candidate for the 2022 presidential election, Philippe Poutou (0.76% of the vote, eleventh position), was quick to react this Monday. A tweet that quickly caused controversy in the political sphere. “Nice fireworks this evening in front of the La Courneuve police station. Support for legitimate anger after yet another young person was killed by the police. Logical continuation of the revolts of July 23. Everything is getting worse, racism, discrimination, poverty, poor housing, repressive violence.” The Paris police chief was particularly indignant at the “reactions of the extreme left which are inciting riots”.

“Philippe Poutou justifies and encourages violence against our police officers. This is the true face of the allies of Nupes and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Total support for our police officers committed to restoring order. The criminal response must be implacable” protests for example Charles Rodwell, Renaissance deputy for Yvelines. “It’s not moving, Poutou continues to lick the thugs’ feet” lamented Stanislas Rigault, president of Génération Z. Same story with Victor Catteau, deputy of the National Rally of the North: “Excuse me? Do you condone that? Fortunately you will never be in power.

In fact, while Philippe Poutou speaks of a young person “still killed by the police”, a double investigation is underway. In other words, it is today impossible to say that the police officers responsible for the death of young Wanys R. are found guilty. An investigation which primarily targets the police officers is being carried out by the IGPN for “homicide and involuntary injuries”.

The second, is opened for “aggravated refusal to comply” and entrusted to the judicial accident processing service to determine whether or not Wanys R. escaped the control of the police on the day of the tragedy. The family of the deceased announced that they wanted to file a complaint against the police for “intentional violence, leading to death without intention and aggravated intentional violence”.