Many internet operators are present in France with sometimes variable coverage. One of them seems to have a very bad reputation among its subscribers.

SFR, Free, Orange, Bouygues Telecom… If you have an internet subscription in France, there is a good chance that you are subscribed to one of these historic operators or one of their subsidiaries. The Zone ADSL comparator

According to the Zone ADSL study

According to the study, the two preferred operators of the French are respectively Sosh (with a satisfaction rating of 3.1 out of 5) and Free (3/5). These two companies stand out from the rest of the operators, notably Sosh, a subsidiary of Orange, with their good quality/price ratio on their boxes. We then find Orange and Bouygues which respectively occupy third and fourth places in the survey of the French’s favorite operators. Finally, SFR (2.7/5) and its subsidiary RED (2.6/5) fall dead last in the ranking.

The last two places occupied by SFR seem unanimous. The French surveyed on their packages mainly mention network outages and problems with their operator. SFR’s mobile offer is not left out either since it also falls last in the ranking of the best mobile operators (3.1/5 for SFR compared to 3.8/5 for Sosh and 4/5 for Prixtel). Finally, those interviewed also pointed out the very poor quality/price ratio of the SFR Box Power, offered from 36.99 euros per month. Only 1 in 5 subscribers are satisfied. Note: the ️Bbox Fit does worse and is the least popular internet box with only 1 in 4 subscribers deeming the internet network satisfactory.

Conversely, the French seem particularly satisfied with the quality of the Livebox Max network, offered from 39.99 euros per month. 1 in 2 subscribers consider the Livebox Max internet network to be excellent. The Freebox Delta and Ultra enjoy almost similar popularity and show very good feedback regarding the TV experience, with only 12% dissatisfied.

This is a ranking that is sure to provoke reactions. If you have a subscription to SFR or friends concerned, you may well be reassured to see that you are not the only ones who are not satisfied with the network quality offered by the operator.