The UFC Que Choisir screened 25 barbecue models before the summer, of different types, budgets and brands. Surprise, a model under 300 euros beats the behemoths of the grill!

Summer is coming, grilling season too! What could be better than a delicious barbecue in good company to enjoy the first heat?! The French love it and the manufacturers have understood it well with an endless variety of models and designs, not to mention the type of power supply: gas, electric, charcoal… Everyone has their own preference. Same for brands. One spring, however, in recent years, Weber, acclaimed by many barbecue enthusiasts. Problem, the models of the German brand are often considered expensive.

This is not always the case as evidenced by the latest comparison of the magazine UFC-Que Choisir. In its June issue, the magazine sifted through 24 barbecues. Electric, gas, plancha, charcoal… All cooking methods are present in this top. And if Weber is in good place in this ranking with a 2nd place for a charcoal model credited with a score of 17.1, a breath from the winner the gas model Napoleon Rogue 365 (17.2/20) , a small Weber electric model caught our attention thanks to its classification… and its price: 229 euros at many retailers including Amazon or less than 250 euros at Auchan or Fnac.

The Weber Q1400 4-6 person barbecue thus obtains an excellent score of 15.6, surrounding much more expensive models, ranging from 500 to 1000 euros for some obtaining scores almost identical to it… or less good like the Tefal Aromati -Q sold for more than 600 euros and which did not convince this jury of experts with a score of only 13.9!

The UFC Que Choisir praises in particular the “beautiful appearance of cooked meats” of the Weber Q1400, the ease and speed of cooking, the little smoke produced or the quality materials of this model with its cast iron grill or its electrical cord. practical with its 1.80 meters long. Only downside, ergonomics is not always there with a badly placed connector and dimmer and not optimal cleaning. But at 229 euros, you probably can’t have it all, even in the fabulous world of barbecue!