A few months before the Olympics, some details of the opening ceremony have been revealed.

She wants to be majestic. On July 26, the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games aims to dazzle the world with a unique spectacle on the Seine. If the details of this ceremony will be closely kept until the end, some elements have been disclosed by Thierry Reboul, responsible for the event on RMC.”The particularity of this ceremony is that it walks on two legs, if I may say. It has both the artistic leg, like all ceremonies, to create the show which tells the story of France in the most creative way possible” he explained.

“The opening ceremony will be twelve paintings,” said Thierry Reboul. “Twelve paintings which will follow one another. And there is a great novelty which was brought by Thomas Jolly, apart from the initial one which is to leave the stadium, which is to say that we were going to take the artistic paintings, which ‘we were going to take the parade of athletes which is the backbone of an opening ceremony, and we are going to mix all that. In fact the parade of athletes will cross these twelve tables. And the ceremony will take place a little over water by following this parade a bit. We are going to return from one scene to another” confides the boss of the opening ceremony.

“You then have, through these twelve paintings, all the forms of expression around a narration and a story that we will try to tell. It is very clear, it will talk about France. Perhaps in a slightly different way because France, when you walk on the Seine, it is everywhere. All the monuments that you pass through, it is a moment in the history of France. We will certainly go more talk about values, what the values ​​of this country are, what France believes in despite its doubts and the questions it may ask itself. So we are going to use, to tell this whole story, almost everything what we can imagine.”

“It’s really constructed like a film. We have a storyboard with drawing boards which construct second by second everything you are going to see on television. Since we are, obviously, mainly around a television story. A billion, a billion and a half, two billion, we don’t really know but we’re being told the biggest audience in the history of the Games with people who will follow that. So we’re focusing a lot on that and we’re going to do like a film. A film of more than three hours”

So there are only a few months left to plan ahead and try, for the lucky ones, to buy a ticket to attend the ceremony or show up very early at the platform level to be able to watch this ceremony for free.

“There is here the desire of the artistic and in particular of Thomas Jolly to be much more in a human expression than a technological expression. It is an artistic bias to which we adhere quite willingly. Presumably, no great surprise technology to expect.”