Peugeot will present the 3rd opus of its flagship SUV at the start of the school year. We already know that it will be equipped with a very large panoramic screen, like the models of a famous German manufacturer.

Screens are taking up a little more space in our daily lives. Smartphone, tablets, XXL televisions… impossible not to see them. The car is no exception. Dashboards have become over the years a major selling point for manufacturers. Installation of touch screens, applications, wireless connectivity system, navigation… There are many criteria and their optimization is essential to attract users.

Like its competitors, Peugeot is making great efforts to constantly modernize the high-tech equipment of its vehicles. And, a little over ten years after the release of its i-Cockpit, produced in more than 10 million copies since 2012, the Lion brand has developed a new generation which it has called the panoramic i-Cockpit.

The first Peugeot model to welcome it will be the new 3008, the star SUV of the Sochaux firm whose official presentation will take place next September. But Peugeot has already unveiled this new interior in detail – even before its exterior design, which says a lot about the importance given to it – and it is clear that this new dashboard will immerse the driver in a new dimension.

His particuliarity ? A gigantic 21-inch panoramic screen that integrates the instrument cluster (speed, power meter, driving aids, energy flow, etc.), located behind the steering wheel, and the touch screen (navigation, air conditioning, media, etc.) in a central position. A unique panel, in high definition, fixed by a small foot invisible from the passenger compartment which gives it a floating effect “accentuated by specific LED ambient lighting”, according to Peugeot.

The place dedicated to the screen by this new panoramic i-cockpit is reminiscent of what is already done by some competitors, and in particular by BMW, a benchmark in the field. The famous German brand has for some time already developed these large curved screens merging dashboard and infotainment screen. For Peugeot, this new dashboard surmounted by a very large panoramic screen marks the ” innovations […] which testify to the metamorphosis of the new 3008. ” What else to boost sales of the favorite SUV of the French?