After his defeat, Cédric Doumbè has already announced the date of the revenge.

All that for that, it’s a bit like the feeling of all MMA fans in France. After weeks of preparation, the biggest MMA fight in France ended in a mess with the victory of “Baki” at the start of the third round against Cedric Doumbè after a “technical knockout”.

Victim of a splinter in his toe, Cedric Doumbè signaled several times to the referee to show the injury in order to stop the fight to heal himself, refusal of the referee who preferred Doumbè’s second remark to stopping the fight in general amazement. “I don’t know why the referee stopped and I’m very disappointed. I didn’t want to stop but I have a splinter,” he explained.

As soon as the fight came out, Cédric Doumbè announced his revenge against Baysangur Chamsoudinov aka “Baki” for next May. “The room has been booked for the month of May, that’s it,” he declared on the Brut platform. “So, the objective is to make the fight in May. It’s a matter of follow-up (..) I’m ready to have a revenge. I know that the PFL has the means, make sure to make this fight , and even in a larger room