The start of Diablo 4 Season 1 is imminent, bringing with it many changes. The opportunity for many adventurers to complete certain essential tasks before his arrival.

Diablo 4 has succeeded in reviving a legendary but relatively forgotten franchise more than 11 years after the release of its last installment. A month after the release of Blizzard’s excellent hack’n’slash, the results are excellent. Over $666 million in revenue 5 days after release, rave reviews, and a hugely satisfied fanbase with a game that’s balanced, rewarding, microtransaction-friendly, and bug-free. In short, a complete and well-mastered release of a triple-A game, a phenomenon sufficiently rare in recent years to be highlighted. A success that opens the door to the arrival of the first season of the game at the end of July, and with it many changes that will profoundly impact the way you browse Sanctuary. But before that, you have the opportunity to complete some tasks that will give you a definite advantage at the start of Malfeasance, this first chapter of seasonal content. Here’s what you absolutely need to do before Diablo 4 Season 1 arrives.

Diablo 4 Season 1 “Evilness” is scheduled for July 20, and will be available for pre-download on all game platforms from July 18. It brings with it new challenges like new boss fights, new dungeons and special seasonal activities. It will also be an opportunity to take advantage of seasonal bonuses that will only be applicable to your seasonal character. Because, we remind you, your preseason character will not be able to benefit from the game’s seasonal bonuses. You will therefore have to recreate a character. But before that, you probably have a few things left to do in the Diablo 4 preseason.

First essential point before the arrival of season 1 of Diablo 4: complete its single-player campaign. Indeed, no seasonal content will be accessible to players who have not completed the game’s campaign, and this applies to all future seasons of Diablo 4. takes place after the events between your adventurer and Lilith, and could spoil some players. And lastly, by finishing the campaign on one of your characters, all your future characters will be able to avoid having to redo it a second time, including your seasonal character.

Map exploration is shared between all of your characters in Diablo 4. A fact that also applies to the Renown system. Concretely, the level of exploration and renown of your preseason character will define that of your seasonal character. So if you’ve explored the map and completed side quests enough to max out your Renown in each region, your seasonal character will get the same bonuses as your preseason character, including skill and paragon points.

Similar to the previous point, the Altars of Lilith are also shared between your different characters. All you have to do is complete them at least once for your next seasonal character to benefit from all the bonus stats, paragon points or experience they provide. What to leave with a certain advantage in the Season of Malfeasance.

Diablo 4 is available on PC via, PS5 and Xbox Series.