STANISLAS SOUFFOY-RITTNER. Stanislas Souffoy-Rittner is one of 13 candidates for Star Academy 2022. The singer, from Vannes and living in Paris, is 24 years old. His portrait in detail.

He is a Breton exiled in Paris. Stanislas Souffoy-Rittner is one of 13 candidates for the new promotion of Star Academy. The show, which made its big comeback on TF1 on October 15, presented all the students but also the 5 teachers for this season.

In terms of age, Stanislas Souffoy-Rittner seems to be in the middle of the candidates. The young man would have seen himself as a choreographer. He danced for several years and then spent three years in the Elite class of the International Academy of Musical Comedy in Paris. He finally studied at the Juste Debout School, which teaches urban dance and now appears in musicals.

The young man is a fan of Star Academy, as he confessed to France Bleu. He’s watched the show a lot and he admires it: “It’s great because it’s a multidisciplinary show where you see us working and growing. I took a chance: there are iconic characters who came out like Jenifer, Grégory Lemarchal… In any case, it will be a great adventure, no matter how far I go.”