The last issue of Complément d’investigation broadcast on France 2, Thursday January 18, 2024, did not spare the president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella.

After a meteoric rise in the French far right, Jordan Bardella was at the heart of the “Complement of investigation” broadcast Thursday January 18, 2024 in the second part of the evening on France 2. Between links with a violent far-right group and a racist Twitter account under a false name, this investigation entitled “The great replacement” drew up a portrait of the man presented as the successor to Marine Le Pen, supported by testimonies from former collaborators. Here’s what you should remember.

According to several sources, the new face of the RN would have run the Twitter account “RepNat du Gaito” from August 2015 to June 2017 when he was a local representative of the National Front (ex-RN). Among Gaito’s RepNat posts, several are openly racist and homophobic and others are insulting to journalists.

This highly anticipated revelation from the public after sharing the trailer for the show motivated Jordan Bardella, who denies having had this account, to send a formal notice to France Télévision to prevent the broadcast of the extract. The party’s spokesperson, Victor Chabert, reacted strongly on

According to a source close to the RN, the “RepNat du Gaito” account would have belonged not to Jordan Bardella but to a former assistant to Florian Philippot, when the latter was vice-president of the National Front, indicates AFP. According to the presenter of the show, Tristan Waleckx, Marine Le Pen unsubscribed from this account during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The investigation also evokes political and personal links between Jordan Bardella and figures from the GUD, the union defense group, a French far-right, neo-Nazi and identity organization renowned for its violent actions. The president of the RN appears in a photo taken in 2017 alongside Frédéric Chatillon, former president of the GUD, and his daughters.

Links between the organization and the far-right party have already been pointed out. The latter works in particular with the company e-Politic, “a communications agency owned, until recently, by two former GUD members”, reveals Ouest-France.

Member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions, Jordan Bardella wouldn’t set foot there often. In the “Additional investigation” released on Thursday January 18, two MEPs claim to have never seen him sit in the committee. In four years in the European Parliament, the young man wrote no reports and produced only 21 amendments. This is very little compared to his colleagues. Ouest-France notes that “over the same period, Renaissance MEP Stéphane Séjourné produced 1,313 amendments, and LFI MP Manon Aubry 3,460”.