Before Uruguay which it faces this Thursday evening, the France team has already played against unexpected countries in this sport. Can you find which ones? Up to you !

The poster smells like a football match. The most knowledgeable will say that it was a poster of the 1/4 final of the Olympic Games in 1924 and of a group match of the 1966 World Cup, some will remember the two draws in the World Cup in 2002 and 2010, when the most young people will inevitably talk about the quarter-final won in 2018, the year of the Blues’ second international football title. However, the France – Uruguay of this Thursday, September 14, 2023 will be fought well with a slightly more capricious ball, the oval one, specific to rugby.

For their second match of the World Cup, the XV of France faces an unknown opponent: Uruguay. 17th nation in the world, Los Teros will face the Blues for the first time. The two countries have never clashed. Throughout its history, the Tricolores have already faced nations that are far from being at the forefront of world rugby.

Through a true/false game, Linternaute invites you to rediscover these improbable matches that France has played in 117 years. 10 propositions are made, it’s up to you to choose if it’s true or false. Once you have made your choice, the answer and a short explanation will be displayed, then the next question will automatically appear. Will you be able to avoid the traps?

To play, it happens here:

To participate in our next game around the Rugby World Cup, meet before the French team’s next match, scheduled for Thursday September 21, 2023 against Namibia.