PRIME DAY 2023. The new edition of Amazon’s Prime Day will take place on July 11 and 12. Find all the information about the event and the first offers available.

Only a few days left until Amazon’s Prime Day returns! The site is about to unveil many big promotions on the sidelines of the 2023 summer sales. If you plan to take advantage of Prime Day to make good deals, remember to bring your Amazon Prime subscription and pre-register your payment information so you don’t miss any offers!

As a reminder, Prime Day promotion offers are only available to subscribed members of the Amazon Prime program. In this article, we explain how to subscribe to this very advantageous subscription as well as the various promotions already available before the launch of Prime Day.

Prime Day only starts in a few days. However, Amazon is used to offering many flash offers on the sidelines of the event. In order to prepare you for the promotions of Prime Day 2023, here are already some promotional offers that you can already take advantage of with or without an Amazon Prime subscription:

The date for Prime Day 2023 is set for July 11 and 12, 2023. Traditionally held at the end of June, Amazon’s Prime Day now seems more rooted in the month of July to offer exclusive promotions to its members. This goes hand in hand with the summer sales which are also held a few days earlier in mainland France.

One of the rare editions of Prime Day to have been postponed, was that of 2020. The latter was launched in mid-October due to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. This edition of Prime Day had been criticized in particular because of its proximity to Black Friday which was held in November 2020. If you want to take advantage of Prime Day, keep in mind that it is only available to subscribed members. to Amazon Prime, the paid offer of the American e-commerce giant.

Please note: Prime Day is reserved for Amazon prime subscribers, the site’s premium offering. The latter, however, has a free 30-day trial offer if you want to participate in Prime Day without paying a penny. Don’t forget, however, to deactivate the automatic renewal which amounts to 6.99 euros per month and 69.90 euros per year!

Take advantage of the Amazon Prime free trial

Note that Prime Day isn’t the only benefit of Amazon Prime membership. The latter also allows you to have free one-day deliveries, access to the Prime Video streaming service, various bonuses on your video games with Prime Gaming, and many other integrated services.

Prime Day is one of the biggest commercial operations offered by Amazon and often compared to the famous Black Friday. Prime Day is a very short period of 2 days during which Amazon offers many promotions on a whole bunch of various references. It is a day of promotions originally launched in 2015 to celebrate 20 years of the Amazon website.

Available for a single day when it launched, Prime Day is now a must-attend event for consumers around the world. Amazon offers more and more promotional items over the editions, to the point that some users now prefer this event to Black Friday. In 2019, the event notably counted more than 3.5 million products sold in France alone. The Prime now extends over two full days, to give Internet users more time to take advantage of the millions of promotions available.

However, this marketing operation is not accessible to everyone, since the promotions offered during Prime Day are only accessible to members registered with Amazon Prime, the paid subscription of the platform.