The committee has announced a new ticket sales campaign starting February 8.

New sales phase for Paris 2024 Olympic tickets on Thursday February 8. The committee will put online, at the same time as the revelation of the Olympic medals, a large number of tickets for all Olympic sports. According to the committee, 95% of these tickets will concern events in Île-de-France and almost half will be offered for less than 100 euros.

Tickets will be on sale on the Paris 2024 ticketing platform, and it will be open to all, with a maximum of 30 tickets per account, without a draw. The policy is therefore first come, first served. There will also be the possibility of obtaining tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies, requested by spectators.

The opening ceremony was also the subject of a readjustment of the gauge by the Ministry of the Interior due to security with an announced gauge of 600,000 people which will ultimately not exceed 320,000 people according to Gérald Darmanin. ‘Today (January 31 Editor’s note), a new figure was shared and we will see if it will further evolve or not”, declared Tony Estanguet during a press briefing. “We were on a gauge of 60,000 spectators at the Stade de France, there are several hundred thousand people whatever happens (for the ceremony on the Seine). The goal is for people to have a good experience. We also evolved on the construction of the show. People must have good visibility, they must be safe. It’s not about cramming people into one area so that the experience is disappointing. We are moving forward together and I greatly respect the decisions taken by the State, in particular by the Minister of the Interior,” also explained the three-time Olympic champion.