PAOLA STAR ACADEMY. In the 13 candidates for the new season of Star Academy, broadcast on TF1, Paola, from Angers. Here is his journey and his ambitions.

The great return of Star Academy took place on October 15 on TF1. This class of 2022 saw the arrival of 13 candidates and their 5 teachers. Among the candidates, Paola, 23, from Angers.

Before her arrival on the show, Paola spoke of her doubts and desires with Ouest France.

The young woman lives next to Angers, in Ch√Ęteauneuf-sur-Sarthe, and describes herself as “author and performer of music”. In life, she is a dance teacher. She composes “in piano voice”. A path she chose when music has always been at the heart of her life. She went to music school between the ages of 8 and 11.

To France Bleu, she confided that she was thirsty to learn: “I go there to learn and soak up everything. I’ve done theater but not a lot, so I’ll have work. in emotion, so I don’t always have the techniques that come like that either.”

Paola discovered the Star Academy not at the time of its broadcast but in replay. She therefore approaches the competition with a rather detached but still full of envy look: “I dream of a life that makes you vibrate, shiver, and it’s the music that gives me that.”