After the succession of very contrasting weather events in France, what to expect in February? What are the forecasts? We’re not done with the cold!

The weather was very mixed in January: it was marked by two weeks of intense cold, with a record of -14°C reached in Arras on Friday January 19. The cold was also accompanied by snowfall in the plains in various places in France, particularly in Paris. This episode suddenly ended last week, with a mild spell settling in at the end of January. The climate changed suddenly, going from negative temperatures to temperatures above seasonal norms.

The almost spring-like weather that set in last week is expected to continue for this week of January 29th. As The Weather Channel explains, the recently arrived mild weather “will continue for the next few weeks before a probable further drop in temperatures in mid-February.” The site explains that “France is located on the western edge of an anticyclone, in a southerly flow, bringing up air of subtropical origin.” In the first half of the week, the north and west of France will be under clouds while the east of the country should be sunnier.

The Weather Channel specifies, however, that the weather will remain dry. From Wednesday January 31, the anticyclone is expected to move towards the Atlantic, causing a slight change in trend. Clouds will cover the sky in the east of the country, where light rain and snow in the mountains are expected. This Thursday, February 1, light rain should occur “particularly north of the Seine.” Friday February 2 will be marked by cloudy skies, particularly in the northwest. In terms of temperatures, they should be between 10°C and 18°C ​​this week for the maximums, “i.e. 3 to 8°C above normal” as La Chaîne Météo specifies. Minimum temperatures should not drop below 0°C, as announced in the north of the territory for this Tuesday morning.

However, a change could occur the following week, marking the return of precipitation. For the week of February 5, La Chaîne Météo announces that “worse weather is confirmed”, particularly in the north of France. The rainy and potentially snowy precipitation which will begin this week in the east is expected to extend over the northern half of the country from Tuesday February 6 according to Météo France forecasts.

The Weather Channel specifies that the disturbances “will bring some rain, but also some snow in the mountains.” It predicts snowfall mainly in the Alps from Wednesday February 7 in the morning and more precisely around the resort of Les Saisies. Thursday, February 8 in the morning, snowfall is expected to extend from the Northern Alps to the Southern Alps, particularly near the Isola 2000 station. In the south, however, La Chaîne Météo forecasts sunshine over “1/3 of the south of country with the maintenance of a certain softness”. However, temperatures should decrease during the week while remaining above seasonal norms. Météo France, for example, announces a maximum of 17°C in Tarbes on Tuesday February 6 and in Nice on Wednesday 7.