David Grusch, ex-soldier of the American army, argues that the USA would have “non-human” material. This man is referring here to the theory of Magenta, an Italian village where an unidentified machine would have crashed in 1933.

The story seems fairly standard, at least initially. An American swears to hold information on the existence of UFOs secretly hidden by the authorities of his country and many see it as a visionary. However, David Grusch presents himself as a “whistleblower” who stands out for the seriousness of his profile. This man spent 14 years in American intelligence, even reaching the status of colonel in the Air Force.

In an interview with The Debrief, published in June, the latter denounced potential misinformation from the US government about UFOs. His choice to grant an interview to this media is not insignificant. The Debrief is renowned for its editorial line close to theories about the existence of extraterrestrials and even secret contacts between aliens and Earth.

David Grusch explained in the newspaper that the existence of spacecraft of “non-human” origin would have been hidden by the American army. In 2021, he reportedly even entrusted the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (the DOD-IG) with classified UFO information. According to him, this would have earned him reprisals from his officials.

The former soldier has since decided to initiate an official whistleblower procedure with the US Congress. In front of American elected officials, he accused the army of arbitrarily detaining information “to deliberately and intentionally thwart the legitimate monitoring” of the UFO analysis program. To NewsNation, he persisted, saying, “We are certainly not alone.”

With Le Parisien, he swore to hold information on “a ship resembling a bell, of the order of ten meters in size, of extraterrestrial or unknown origin”. “The irony is that this was once a conspiracy theory that turns out to be true,” he explained to defend himself against any conspiracy.

The Pentagon responded to David Grusch by denying his revelations. Defense Department communicator Susan Gough told Fox News that “no verifiable information” was available “to support the claims” of the whistleblower. NASA also reacted via one of its spokespersons: “One of NASA’s top priorities is the search for life elsewhere in the universe, but so far NASA has found no evidence credible evidence of extraterrestrial life and there is no evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial.” The space agency even held its first public meeting on UFOs last May. A sign that the subject is taken seriously by the American authorities.