With the objective of conquering Europe less than three months before the continental election, Emmanuel Macron has just created, without making any noise, the “New Europeans” association according to Politico.

Before Emmanuel Macron’s angry outburst against his deputies, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday March 21, 2024 during a rather lively dinner, the President of the Republic would have discreetly created an association entitled “New Europeans”, on 19 last March, according to information from Politico. Clearly, the approach of the European election on June 9 seems to be moving the lines.

With this new string to his bow, the Head of State intends to unify the third political force in Parliament, Renew, with a view to the European elections. Please note, Renew is not a full-fledged European party. In total, it is made up of eight parties, two historic liberal parties (ALDE and EDP) and six national parties, including the French presidential party, Renaissance.

The recent creation of this association could then allow Macronie to give new impetus to their European ambitions, while the head of the majority list for the next election, Valérie Hayer, peaks at 18% in voting intentions according to the latest Euronews/Ipsos poll published this week. Far behind the National Rally list led by Jordan Bardella (30%), she is even starting to feel the breath of Raphaël Glucksmann, head of the PS/Place Publique list which continues to progress (12%), and to catch up.

Who is part of the adventure? First of all, Stéphane Séjourné, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. He should occupy the position of general secretary. The Polish, Romanian, Danish and Slovenian parties are among the association’s member parties. On the other hand, according to information from Politico, the ALDE and the EDP did not welcome the creation of this new entity with great enthusiasm. The media speaks of “coldness”, even “indifference”. The MoDem is not yet part of the adventure.

The Macronists hope to send “the message that (they) bring together”, “It makes us stronger” explained Horizons MEP Gilles Boyer in the columns of Politico. Stronger, certainly, but that’s not all. With the creation of the association’s statutes, Renaissance could also replenish the funds. Currently, the party receives absolutely nothing from the envelope allocated to European parties (50 million euros). The “New Europeans” could, in the future, pocket 75,000 euros per elected member.