The battery of our phones is a precious element that must be taken care of. We explain how to maintain it with a simple tip.

You may have the best smartphone in the world, but if it doesn’t have good battery life, it will simply be useless! Phone manufacturers use and abuse new features to offer ever more advanced features from year to year. Unfortunately, such advancements often have a big impact on device battery life.

To limit this, however, there are multiple tips to improve the battery life of your phone. Of course, you can use the “energy saving” mode found on a majority of devices today. It is also possible to turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and lower the brightness of the phone. But these methods are quite drastic. It is always possible to improve the autonomy of your phone without cutting off all these features which can be useful for your daily life.

One of the best methods to save battery is to change the refresh rate of your phone. On the latest models from Samsung, Huawei and others, the refresh rate of your screen can automatically vary between 1 Hz and 120 Hz. The best option, 120 Hz mode, allows for extremely smooth animations when you navigate within your applications or video games. But such a resource weighs heavily on the autonomy of your phone.

To deactivate 120Hz, simply go to your device’s “settings” app. Scroll down to a section usually called “Screen Refresh Rate” or “Motion Smoothness” (which can sometimes be found in your device’s “Display” category). You should then be able to change this rate from 120 Hz to 60 Hz. On some phones, it is also possible to select an adaptive rate so that it goes up and down depending on your activities (the display of your wallpaper does not requires, for example, only one small Hertz).

By making this simple adjustment, your phone should significantly gain battery life, since its refresh rate will be halved. You can even pair this tip with deactivating certain services like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save more battery!