With the summer holidays set in, expenses will increase for many households leaving to take advantage of a little rest. But a boost can relieve some employees.

It’s time for summer vacation. Expected by the French to take advantage of sunny days, they are less expected by the wallet. With the increase in all the different costs of living, the budget dedicated to holidays is on the rise, by almost 10% in 2023. An inflation to which the salaries of a majority of employees do not necessarily respond. However, they can benefit from a little more before hitting the road for vacation. Are you part of it?

It’s a little line that can do a bit of good when it comes to escaping away from work. On the payslips of certain employees generally appears in the summer (June, July or August) an additional wording: “Vacation bonus”. Nestled below the fixed salary, it is a financial boost delivered by the company for the summer period.

To find out if you can claim these extra few hundred euros, you should consult your collective agreement. This is mentioned at the top of your payslip and is easily found on the internet or from your company.

Inside, generally in the remuneration section, a part is dedicated to the holiday bonus, if it exists. It is also advisable to check his employment contract or the agreements made internally to the company because company-specific provisions may have been made. It is also generally necessary to have a full-time employment contract.

As for the amount, it varies according to the negotiations in each branch or company. To calculate it, companies add up all the paid vacation allowances paid to all employees each year, take a percentage of this total (between 10 and 30% depending on the branch) and distribute the sum equally among all employees. So, are you one of the lucky ones?