Here’s how to recycle your coffee grounds into a powerful fertilizer that will make your lawn green again. Ecological and economical.

Coffee grounds, often discarded after preparing our morning drink, can have an unexpected and extremely beneficial second life for our gardens. Rather than considering it as waste, it’s time to recognize its ecological potential. Not only is it a smart way to recycle and reduce our waste, but it’s also a hidden treasure brimming with essential nutrients that can revitalize our lawn.

If used correctly, coffee grounds can actually provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to fight moss. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which help strengthen the lawn and make it more resistant to moss.

How should you use coffee grounds in your garden to eliminate moss? First, spread the coffee grounds on a layer of paper towels and let them dry well. Then scatter it evenly over your lawn – at the rate of about 50 grams of coffee grounds per square meter. Remember to water your lawn thoroughly for the next few months – about two to three times a week – to ensure a strong and healthy lawn.

But beware ! If you use coffee grounds that have not been properly dried, it can cause mold and damage your lawn. So make sure you always dry it properly before using it as a fertilizer.

Using coffee grounds as fertilizer is also an economical and natural solution compared to buying specialized fertilizer. Plus, it can also help repel ants, as they don’t like the smell of coffee. Which is odd, because the aroma of coffee is one of the best scents you can imagine. So if you want to fight moss in your lawn in a simple and effective way, coffee grounds might be the perfect solution for you! It is economical, easy and totally ecological.